Tindale Systems is a digital manufacturing specialist who also provide design consultancy and CAD programming.



We love a challenge. Often the success of a plan is the result of consideration and forming elegant solutions right at the start. Tindale Systems offers consultancy services at the concept stage, we listen then dissect a problem down into its parts. We advise on avoiding unnecessary costs and effort further down the line by drawing on decades of real production and operational experience. Consider us a part of your winning team.


Transforming new or existing ideas into a precise and effective plan requires an understanding of the available means to realise them. All aspects of design: from concept and customer visualisations to full CAD programming and drafting for manufacturing is available. We cover simple component and assembly programming, computer modelling, structural analysis, optimisation and tool path preparation for almost every way there is of making something.


We offer a wide range of one-off, contract fabrication and large format tooling capabilities for aerospace, marine, transport, automotive, architectural, sporting and entertainment industries. We are in a unique position: if a capability doesn’t exist we simply make it in house. Our technology is proprietary.

Past Projects

Experimental Aircraft

Record breaking human powered aircraft. Production of many of the structural components of these aircraft were made possible with our expertise and manufacturing. Designed to push the absolute limits of materials and technology; these carbon, Mylar, and foam aircraft are designed and produced almost entirely by computer and are rebuilt for almost every flight. Tindale Systems has been involved in experimental aircraft since the early 90’s.


A series of tables and chairs for commercial interiors were developed to make use of reclaimed oak and salvaged ship steel. No straight edges and every piece incorporated slightly unique proportions to provide a departure from uniformity. The individual components interlock on the raw material stock to provide virtually no leftover waste.

Architectural Design & Fabrication

Tindale Systems undertakes all forms of unusual and unique architectural construction. When asked to push the boundaries of architectural design, an understanding of structures and materials is not enough and forging new techniques is required. While 3D printing buildings and houses is on its way, the current attempts at scaling up desktop 3d printers yields clumsy ineffectual results. Tindale Systems has undertaken design and research for architects in formulation of new building technology as well as self deploying structures and negation of scaffolding or assembly labour.

The O2 Hummer VSoundsystem

Built for Smartfusion for mobile O2 promotion, this deployable high powered sound system and DJ console featured ’spare no effort’ approach with completely floating DC power circuitry for beyond-studio sound quality, all dual redundancy system, all gold contacts, discreet self contained units and fold out decks at the touch of a button. The top end cabinets slide out from inside subwoofer apertures for compact transport, inspired by Russian wooden dolls that fit into each other.

Flat pack festival structures

The original festival stage flatpack.In collaboration with Branching Arts (UK) and Set2Stage(Aus), the brief involved rapid setup and pack down of festival infrastructure and superstructure without the robotic scaffolding feel. Every design conforms to tight storage and transport requirements. Easily repairable with single panel replacements. No metal legacy in the soil such as nails or screws. Both 2d façade and 3d self supporting structures and pneumatic structures are available. With a long tradition of touring design, we’re often imitated but never surpassed.

Wind Tunnel

Built to Southampton University specifications. This is a stand alone aero-engine wind tunnel test cell. Featuring solid built normalised, dampened steel frame, micro adjustable tunnel walls, heavy wearing components for engine vibration and thrust, easy access for cable tracking, a full compliment of sensors. Hot exhaust extraction. Adaptable for all manner of propulsion configurations.


We offer bespoke CNC robotic systems configured to exact customer requirements: moving gantry routers, plasma cutters, 4 axis hot-wire, fibre placement, filament winders and multi axis heads. Our customers include boat builders, instrument makers, schools, universities and aerospace. The most popular machine is our 10ft by 5ft gantry router. Originally designed for composite pattern making, it’s now in it’s 4th generation with only minimal changes from the original.

Large scale composite tooling

Tooling and pattern making for large scale composites either in interlocking component or monolithic form up to 7m x is available. With the ability to produce entire vehicle and boat patterns with no joins, we customarily cut in Polyurethane, Styrofoam, tooling pastes, timber and non ferrous. Surfacing and finishing of patterns is typically with non toxic, water based tooling resins capable of near mirror finish prior to waxing.Direct moulds are finished with a range of filled epoxies depending on duty cycles required. We also supply pattern making for foundry and matched closed moulds high pressure laminating.

Technical Capabilities

  • 4 Axis CNC Router: 3km spindle 1.5m x3.0m x 700mm capacity
  • 150W CO2 Laser Cutter: 2.0m x 4.0m capacity
  • Tangential Knife CNC: 2.0m x 4.5 m (Fabrics, textiles, prepregs)
  • 40 Amp Plasma CNC cutter: 12mm plate steel 1500x3000mm capacity
  • 180Amp Merlin Plasma CNC: 75mm plate steel 3500x5000mm capacity
  • 5 Axis Ultralarge envelope CNC: 3kw spindle 3.5m x 7.0m x 1.8m non-ferrous capacity
  • Ultrasonic/Laser/Knife CNC System: 3.5m x 40m (Marquees, Inflatables) one of the largest of its type in Europe.
  • Computer controlled Beam laminating presses up to 10m (composites, timber, plastics)
  • 200kN Tensile Test Rig
  • Temperature Controlled Vaccum Bag Facility
  • Skilled Layup Workforce

Previous Clients

  • Nokia
  • O2
  • Australian National University
  • Stephen Cox
  • Southampton University
  • Anish Kapoor
  • Gillete
  • Woodcase UK
  • Smart Fusion
  • Australian War Memorial Museum
  • Set to Stage
  • Glastonbury Festival
  • Sunrise Festival
  • Sydney Fringe Festival
  • Branching Arts
  • Medway Maritime Trust
  • Lucid Illusions
  • LLoydbore Architects
  • Channel4
  • Fox Studios
  • Temple State
  • Audio Solutions
  • Scrollerwork


Tindale Systems was founded by Ben Tindale, a digital manufacturing and Aerospace engineer who is equally at home in the creative arts as he is in technical engineering work.

He attended school in England, Italy and Australia and in 1985 produced his first laminated snowboard. In the early nineties, he set up a small ski and snowboard factory on the outskirts of Canberra but quickly diversified.

After shifting focus, he worked on scientific research and touring equipment and qualified as a graphic designer and a welder. Following curiosity in his Celtic ancestry, he moved to England and expand his capabilities while completing an Aerospace Engineering degree specialising in materials and structures.


Please contact Ben using the details below:

TEL: +44 (0) 7904 049 606

EMAIL: benergybenergy [at] yahoo.co.uk